L & T Diamond Drilling has been dominating the industry in Australia since 1973, predominantly servicing major works within Australia.  Diversification was systematic as the company gained experience and in association with Australian ground-breaking organisations
L & T Diamond Drilling has been able to expand over the years.

The range of industrial projects encompasses:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Substations
  • Houses, Apartments, Buildings, Construction Sites 
  • Railways, Waterways and Public Works


The warehouse is located in wheatherill park, Sydney ideally 1minute drive to the M7. All the relevant machinery needed on site is situated in the warehouse for easy access for employees’ taking to and from work sites. L & T has 5 fully equipped work vans with GPS tracking system installed in each van so that the vans’ are never to hard to track down.

Facilities (Overseas)

Occupational Health & Safety
The biggest concern within the concrete cutting / building industry is the health and safety of its employees. L & T Diamond Drilling has made safety its number one concern; our employees and our customers expect to be safe on the job. In order to ensure commitment to safety – policy and plan related to all aspects Occupational Health and Safety issues have been set up and documented to implement at all phases of work. The company has recognized the need to keep taking steps to develop a comprehensive infrastructure designed to make us not just a company with a safety policy, but a "safe company."


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