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L T Diamond Drilling NSW provides concrete cutting and core drilling to most major construction companies within Australia. We have also carried out work on residential homes and properties.


As we use the latest method and technologies, what would normally take many hours of labour to complete, L T Diamond Drilling NSW would be able to complete the same job in an hour. With our professional service and years of experience, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


L T Diamond Drilling NSW provides many different services to their customers. Below is a list of the services we offer that will be explained in detail:

  • Wall Sawing

    Vertical surfaces and surfaces with slopes so great that flat saws cannot be used are perfect applications for wall saws. Most frequently openings are

  • Wall Chasing

    Wall chasing uses a circular blade on a track-mounted machine. The track-mounted wall saw is a fast, accurate method of creating larger openings, using

  • Floor Sawing

    Flat sawing is the most commonly used diamond cutting method. It is typically used to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as floors, bridge decks

  • Core Drilling

    Core drilling is used when a job calls for the drilling of circular holes in reinforced concrete, pre-cast concrete, asphalt, brick, cinderblock and other

  • Demolition

    Diamond cutting and drilling technology can provide greater speed, versatility, precision and significant cost savings compared with conventional impact methods. It can reduce or

  • Concrete Cutting

    The concrete cutting service is used when reasonably level and flat surfaces have to be cut and includes cutting through reinforced concrete, pre-cast concrete,

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